The Game Shows Off His Bulletproof Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets


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  • Complex
    Complex   1 weeks back

    What would you do if you got a pair of valuable sneakers stolen from you?”

    • Kareem Sanders_249
      Kareem Sanders_249  8 hours back

      I like games situation also the way he protects his kicks, I've would have done the exact same thing myself & his idea from preventing a robbery breaking down into certain things.... πŸ’―

    • dOmbo γƒ“γƒΌγƒˆ
      dOmbo γƒ“γƒΌγƒˆ  1 days back

      9/11 at that nibbas house

    • eazzycruz 2390
      eazzycruz 2390  1 days back

      Complex well it’s pretty obvious I’m going to prison over a pair of sneaks..I’m trigger happy

    • Lesharo Wildcat
      Lesharo Wildcat  1 days back

      Kill somebody

    • Tajir Brown
      Tajir Brown  1 days back

      Complex put a curse on the person that finessed them from me.

  • fax tellerman
    fax tellerman  2 minutes back

    U needa pay up that 7 million u owe or they gonna come take all them shoes to pay yo debt off..... well help pay a. Lil off

    • Luke
      Luke  30 minutes back

      what kicks the game got on his feet?

      • james morales
        james morales  40 minutes back

        I got one pair!

        • Steve Smith
          Steve Smith  2 hours back

          Do Westside Gunn's sneaker collection!

          • Yumi Chocolate
            Yumi Chocolate  2 hours back

            😏HELLO TO the Person Scrolling through the COMMENTS Want to stay the nite??? "In my Michael Jackson voice I'll have Yumi Chocolate

            • Crizan Benevides
              Crizan Benevides  3 hours back

              Legendas em portuguΓͺs por favor

              • lollipop96790
                lollipop96790  3 hours back

                There's a huge difference between being a fan or being a stan.... I'm a sneakerhead too myself ....but how can u spend so much on sneakers when your people are dying because of hunger or starvation or they dont have enough money to buy clothes even or a single pair of shoe or medicines etc...and we are building cribs for sneakers.....HATS OFF.πŸ™πŸ‘

                • Blaze 684
                  Blaze 684  6 hours back

                  The game is πŸ—‘

                  • R Bol
                    R Bol  7 hours back

                    Guess everyone forgot about his video like 5 years ago and he knew NOTHING AT ALL about sneakers. Now he claims to have been the first person to do a Jordan clock SMFH dude is a clown GTFOH

                    • dreamqueen317
                      dreamqueen317  8 hours back

                      Am I the only who thinks the game is corny?

                      • Loops and Bars
                        Loops and Bars  8 hours back

                        Bro The game did not invent the Jordan clock πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ FOH

                        • 2sacks1
                          2sacks1  8 hours back

                          How does the game even have money

                          • Tony 2204
                            Tony 2204  8 hours back


                            Tienes que verlo ☝️☝️☝️

                            • 11thWoods
                              11thWoods  9 hours back

                              After I get robbed once... I ain't showin' off SHIT!!!!! The wolves stay hungry..

                              • rasheed porche
                                rasheed porche  9 hours back

                                The game look Like he can keep talking about the show as the interviewer slowly walks out with him noticing lol

                                • Em Dee
                                  Em Dee  10 hours back

                                  I have that bar globe, it costs about 300 bucks

                                  • Slick Beats
                                    Slick Beats  10 hours back

                                    Cool collection, too bad he's such a clout chaser

                                    • neville411
                                      neville411  10 hours back


                                      • Javier Arce
                                        Javier Arce  10 hours back

                                        I wonder if the jordan clock has the year of the shoe to match 1-12 time πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯

                                        • Free The plug
                                          Free The plug  10 hours back

                                          True trainer guy!
                                          Not a single pair of your shit balenciagas or red bottoms

                                          • Dcdread
                                            Dcdread  12 hours back

                                            Nice collection but I wanna see the rest of that crib! I know - wrong show.

                                            • DRAGO SLoVaK
                                              DRAGO SLoVaK  12 hours back

                                              Next do A video with zlatan . Complex goes sneaker shopping with zlatan

                                              • Moe Moe
                                                Moe Moe  13 hours back

                                                nice, i wish they show the house and car collection a little more

                                                • Peanut-butter films
                                                  Peanut-butter films  15 hours back

                                                  Who is shooting this man in the feet?

                                                  • john thalongcak
                                                    john thalongcak  15 hours back

                                                    Rip 2pac

                                                    • dennishamiltonyoh1
                                                      dennishamiltonyoh1  16 hours back

                                                      I could never buy his gangsta image.

                                                      • Glory !!!!!!
                                                        Glory !!!!!!  17 hours back

                                                        Nobody is talking about that shoe clock....πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

                                                        • mar cel
                                                          mar cel  18 hours back

                                                          you just lost

                                                          • Chris Perry
                                                            Chris Perry  19 hours back

                                                            Great Job for selling a new idea for Michael Jordan. That clock just got mr. Jordan a free win

                                                            • Proud to be an American
                                                              Proud to be an American  19 hours back

                                                              60k will change my life...I graduated from collision repair school two years ago, and since then been working for ppl, but If I have 60k will open my own shop and make good money. He's paying 60k for the sneakers like buying a gum.

                                                              • Khayt Ano LengTV
                                                                Khayt Ano LengTV  21 hours back

                                                                Have you seen bigboy cheng? This is average collection man!!!

                                                                • Slim Jones
                                                                  Slim Jones  21 hours back

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                                                                  • Peter Anthony
                                                                    Peter Anthony  23 hours back

                                                                    I thought only women collect shoes.

                                                                    • swal!
                                                                      swal!  19 hours back

                                                                      hell nooo

                                                                  • The KingPin
                                                                    The KingPin  23 hours back

                                                                    These shoes are not bullet proof....

                                                                    • roderick anderson
                                                                      roderick anderson  1 days back

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                                                                      • Paul None Ya
                                                                        Paul None Ya  1 days back

                                                                        Why you snitchin on your mom for having a sawed off?

                                                                        • Craig Mack
                                                                          Craig Mack  1 days back

                                                                          Them shoe surgeon customs are ridiculous. Love that guys work.

                                                                          • Rodney Styler
                                                                            Rodney Styler  1 days back

                                                                            Bullet proof sneakers , what a fucking clown

                                                                            • Arshia Parsa
                                                                              Arshia Parsa  1 days back

                                                                              EMINEM COMPLEX CLOSETS PLEASE

                                                                              • kntwing
                                                                                kntwing  1 days back

                                                                                DAMN IS IT ME OR HE GAIN SO MUCH WEIGHT?
                                                                                LETS TALK ABOUT HIS CARS BLACK/RED COLOR WAY...

                                                                                • guilherme koch
                                                                                  guilherme koch  1 days back

                                                                                  When DaBaby os coming?

                                                                                  • dOmbo γƒ“γƒΌγƒˆ

                                                                                    his mom has a 2g sawed off

                                                                                    • Tone Sheist
                                                                                      Tone Sheist  1 days back

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                                                                                      • Danny Ainge
                                                                                        Danny Ainge  1 days back

                                                                                        Shoulda asked him to spit that fire freestyle he’s used since 2012.

                                                                                        • Morgan Brown
                                                                                          Morgan Brown  1 days back

                                                                                          You should do The Ace Family next bc they also have really good shoes and I would love to see that

                                                                                          • Simba the Goat
                                                                                            Simba the Goat  1 days back

                                                                                            The hardest flex in 2019

                                                                                            • gangstalking simulation

                                                                                              They sweating hard at them sweat shops making these gorgeous sneakers for y'all 2 wearβœŒβœŒπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ